Angela James

Licensed Permanent Make-up Artist

Jennifer Sarria

Licensed Permanent Make-up Artist


featherstroke  brows

Microblading (Feather stroke brows) is a semipermanent makeup technique done by using a very fine blade to deposit pigment into the skin. The strokes appear crisp and mimic the natural growth of eyebrow hair. The result is a beautiful, fuller looking eyebrow that looks great on every skin tone and haircolor. The results will last anywhere from 10-18 months depending on skin type and lifestyle. A Color Boost is recommended once a year to retain shape and pigment.



Powder Brows are also a semipermanent makeup technique using a machine to create a more traditional form of tattooed brow. The results are beautiful yet look more like make-up. This method is good for all skin types including oily skin where Microblading may not be appropriate.


Combination Brows are a

beautiful mix of Microblading and

Machine Shading (Powder Brows)

This technique is great for

anyone who loves the natural 

look of microblading

but still wants the

color density and dimension

of a shaded brow. It is also great

for someone with very sparse

natural brows to help

create the most natural look. 




For Microblading, Powder and Combination Brows an initial touch up is required between 6 to 8 weeks after first procedure to enhance and perfect shaping and color. After 8 weeks and up until 16 weeks price for initial touch up is $275 (NO exceptions). Please take a moment to schedule this appt while scheduling your initial appt. to ensure proper timing.


2nd touch 

There is no way to guarantee

your eyebrows will be filled in

to your liking with 2 procedures.

On a rare occasion a client may need

an additional touch up to complete

their brow service. If you need an

additional touch up you may book

this service. Since it takes a couple

of weeks for your brows to heal

completely and color to settle,

we encourage you to wait 3 weeks

before deciding on an additional

touch up.



A color boost is recommended between 10 and 18 months to retain shape and pigment.This appt is reserved for clients of Expressions Brow studio who have had their initial session and touch up previously. Please note that price is subject to change based on stroke retention. 


*Must be 18 years or older to have any permanent makeup service


about the artists.

Angela James is an Atlanta based permanent makeup artist and beauty expert. She has trained with some of the leading experts and world renowned masters of microblading and permanent make-up from the United States and around the world. Her passion lies in enhancing the natural beauty and confidence of every client she touches. Angela has quickly established herself as a leader, instructor, and industry stand out in the field of permanent make-up.

Jennifer Sarria is a medical doctor who decided to pursue her love of permanent makeup. Art has always been a strong passion and permanent makeup has allowed her the ability to express her artistic side while giving her clients confidence and helping them feel more beautiful. After being trained by the leading Permanent Makeup academies in the world, its safe to say that you are putting yourself in the hands of an expert. Detail oriented and seeking naturalism, her brows are a true work of art! 










microblading only

powder brow

microblading only

up-close Microblading

client selfie

combination brow



combination brows


powder brows



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